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New game - a 4X real time dark fantasy  ?


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Cinematic real-time strategy game where you change the fate of the galaxy. No two matches play the same, thanks to nearly limitless combinations of factions, mercenary units, and heroes.

Red Solstice 2: Survivors

Sequel to the best-seller ​The Red Solstice​. Plan your strategy and infiltrate a real-time tactical battlefield - alone or with up to 7 squad members. Can you demonstrate the combat prowess to survive and secure a future for humanity?


Solstice Chronicles: MIA

In this 2-player twin-stick shooter, use a friendly drone for a game-changing abilities. Survive waves, upgrade, and uncover the mystery in this cooperative, action-packed experience.

Red Solstice

2280 A.D. The last few survivors of a ruined Earth seek a new home: Mars, a planet whose inhabitants didn't take too kindly to outsiders. The Red Solstice is a tense, tactical, squad-based action game. Fight to survive with up to 8 players in co-op, or lead your own squad in single-player mode.


About Us

Established in 2013, Iron Ward proudly stands as a participant in the gaming industry, specializing in the creation of innovative real-time strategy (RTS) games. Headquartered in Croatia, our influence extends globally as we continuously explore new possibilities and contribute fresh ideas to the gaming community.


Central to our journey is our vibrant community. Actively collaborating with our players, we deeply value their input and transform their feedback into reality. Iron Ward's distinctiveness lies in our commitment to accessibility and open communication.


We believe in co-creating experiences with our gaming community, fostering a relationship beyond the conventional developer-player dynamic.In essence, we don't merely view ourselves as a gaming company; we are a community-driven creative force, merging genres, crafting humble stories, and building immersive worlds where players can genuinely find solace.

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